The Jewish Ghetto, a jewel set in the heart of the Eternal City

Among the oldest and most authentic souls of Rome is the Jewish Ghetto. A journey through time to discover Jewish and Roman culture, including culinary delicacies and history.  

The Jewish Ghetto: history

Considered among the oldest in the world, Rome’s Jewish Ghetto stands in the heart of the Capital, between Tiber Island and Largo Argentina. Despite its central location, it has managed to preserve its authentic imprint over time, becoming today a cultural, religious and gastronomic epicenter. The earliest records date back to 1555 when Pope Paul IV ordered Roman Jews to reside within the walls of the Ghetto and be recognized with a distinctive sign, that of belonging to the Jewish community, depriving them of their rights. Over the years, Rome’s Jewish Ghetto has undergone various legislation and changes: 1849 was the year in which the Republic was proclaimed and the Jewish Ghetto liberated. Soon thereafter Via del Tempio, Via Catalana and Via del Portico d’Ottavia were born; the small community was populated and underwent a real urban restructuring. October 16, 1943 marked one of the most dramatic moments in the history of the Jewish Ghetto when Nazi troops captured more than a thousand Jews from their homes. Two days later, the prisoners were deported to Auschwitz. Only 16 survived the extermination of the ghetto.   

The Jewish Ghetto of Rome: why visit it 

Surrounded by the architectural beauty of the capital and an unparalleled cross-cultural atmosphere, today Rome’s Jewish ghetto is undoubtedly a place of deep culture and history. To visit the Ghetto is to indulge in a unique experience of the beautiful and the good. Among the many reasons to go to this neighborhood, in fact, is to taste the delicacies of Judeo-Roman and Jewish cuisine. Yes, because cuisine means culture, identity and roots. Through cooking you can tell a story; give expression, through dishes, to what you believe in. This is what we do at Casalino Osteria Kosher. And so, after a visit to the Temple Major and a stroll through the wonders of the Portico di Ottavia, we welcome you to our family osteria to sample Nonna Letizia’s specialties. 

The Jewish Ghetto of Rome: eating at Casalino Osteria Kosher 

Casalino Osteria Kosher is a reality in which the Zarfati family talks about, prepares and offers dishes that encapsulate the genuine flavor and love of Nonna Letizia for food. In the Jewish Ghetto in Rome, Casalino has become a true gastronomic reference point where you can feel good and enjoy authentic cuisine. A warm and informing environment in which to feel at home.   

Our goal is to unite through what we do, with love and a smile every day. Our cuisine follows the rhythms of the Jewish religion, the result of a few simple foods, without forgetting the Roman tradition. From the artichoke alla giudia and the artichoke alla romana, to the Casalino-style salt cod, the tonnarelli cacio e pepe as well as selected seafood, all certified Kosher. A cuisine, in short, that welcomes multiple traditions and cultures, respecting food and people.  

We look forward to seeing you at our family osteria on Via del Portico d’Ottavia 1e. 

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