The history of the Zarfati family

For generations, the Zarfati family history has been linked to the Jewish Ghetto, an
ancient area of Rome, and to good food. Since years, we have been working to hand
down the best recipes of our tradition, keeping their taste intact. This is how we still
used to do, for bringing you all the love, aroma and flavour of some dishes that
represent the Zarfati family history.

Dolce Kosher, the first Jewish pastry shop in Rome

Dolce Kosher was founded in the heart of Monteverde district in 2004 and it’s the
first authentic Jewish pastry shop in Rome.
Unlike other pastry shops in Rome, the
Dolce Kosher uniqueness has always been to realize some typical roman pastries
such as millefeuille, maritozzo with cream, cream puffs, mimosa and all of them are
Kosher certificated.

As part of our Jewish pastry project, we soon created two distinct lines in our lab:

  • The Classic Line, which involves the use of milk;
  • The Parve Line, lactose and milk derivatives free.

This organization has allowed us over the years to reach a wide audience: our clients
are both members of the Jewish community, as we have allowed them not to
combine meat and milk-based foods within the same meal, and also people with
lactose allergies or intolerances.
Over the years, our Dolce Kosher bakery has became a meeting point in Rome,
thanks to the return of our beloved grandmother Letizia in the kitchen who has
resumed making the family recipes that have marked our whole lives! With her, a
second phase has began for the Dolce Kosher pastry shop in Rome: a real lunchtime
menu was created with dishes that could be consumed either on-site or to go. This
offer has allowed us to evolve our services till to the introdution of a catering service
for events.

Casalino Osteria Kosher, the first kosher fish restaurant in the Ghetto of Rome

In June 2021, after the success of grandma Letizia’s recipes, our dad Mino
understand that was the right time to launch the Casalino Osteria Kosher project on
the main street of the Jewish Ghetto, the first kosher fish restaurant in this

The restaurant’s main proposal is to revive traditional Jewish Roman recipes and a
kosher cuisine based on fish recipes
The name of our kosher fish restaurant derives from the nickname of our dad Mino
who, as a child in the neighbourhood, was called ‘Casalino’ because of his desire to
spend time at home with his beloved mother!

Today, more than a year and a half has passed since our first day of opening, Rachel
and Noah Zarfati leading the restaurant. They both work, with the utmost
commitment and heartfelt dedication, to preserve their grandmother’s recipes and
to make you living the best time with them at Casalino on Via del Portico d’Ottavia

The perfect place to enjoy authentic flavours immersed in the history of Rome

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