Sunday 18 December 2022 begins the week of Hanukkah, the feast, the festival of lights, a joyful anniversary awaited by the whole jewish community. Chanukkah begins on the 25th of the Hebrew month of Kislev and on lasts eight days of this period, everywhere in the Jewish world, candles and oil lamps are lit in order to make them visible to all.

The origins of Hannukah

The term Hanukkah in Hebrew means “inauguration”. The event that is remembered is the rededication of the Temple of Jerusalem that has happened in 164 a.e.v. when Antiochus IV Epiphanes, who reigned at the time in the Land of Israel, profaned it by dedicating it to the worship of Zeus. The Jewish priest Mattathias, father of the Maccabees, led with his sons the revolt against the Syro-Hellenic oppression to regain freedom, including religious. Although the number was much smaller, the rebels succeeded on winning.The feast of Hanukkah was established by Judas Maccabeus to celebrate this event

The miracle of the Oil

After the reconquest it was ordered to purify the Temple, for restoring the Ark of the Covenant, and to relink the Candlestick. The candles had to burn for eight days in a row, fed by pure olive oil, but unfortunately it was not enough. In the Talmudic treatise of Shabbat (21b) we read of the great miracle that occurred: the oil that could suffice for a single day was actually sufficient for eight days, thus giving the Priests the time to prepare and treat more oil. In remembrance of that miracle, the Sages of the Talmud instituted a feast of praise and thanksgiving to the Lord that lasted exactly 8 days.

Hanukkah at Casalino Osteria Kosher

As every year, we get ready to celebrate this important anniversary with some of the most characteristic food such as the Sufganiot. These are pancakes covered with sugar, stuffed with jams, chocolate or creams that are prepared in our pastry shop in Monteverde, Dolce Kosher.

It will be an opportunity to enjoy together all desserts that will be offered at the moment that the candles are lit: we are waiting you at our restaurant every day, from December 18th to 26th, at 8 PM on Via del Portico d’Ottavia 1e, Rome.

la festa di hannukah - sufganiot

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